Inevitable Evil

Bogdons Journal

Today,in the midst of finding where the cultist lie.We stumbled upon a celestial being. The ground around where it once was felt sacred however, all that remained was the creatures skeletal structure and chains,very evil chains.Its wingspan was enormous as well as the size of this creature.It was bigger than me even!Celestials have been a fascination of mine for quite sometime now.I’ve always heard storys of “angels” and holy creatures assisting us in this plane.I will have to further research upon this finding.I will be back to destory the chains that I have found here. Oh…had a nice slip today as well.Im surprised I didnt break anything but ehh I was built pretty tough.Thats all for now.Praise be to khord for as far as we have gotten.


LycanthropianDM Beatstk

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