Inevitable Evil


After spending a moment to catch their breath, the party examined the two remaining doors in the room. Deciding to investigate the decorated door, they unlocked it and cautiously proceeded forward.

The stone corridor that lay on the other side was dimly lit by dangling scones every so often, enchanted in times past by a continual flame. Moving forward, the party noticed various traps and devices designed to keep out intruders had been triggered, from blades, spikes and pit traps, to various spell effects.

The cooridor spiraled counter-clockwise to some sort of center, more and more sprung traps evident as they hesitantly proceeded forward.

At the end of the inward-spiraled corridor lay a small room, perhaps ten feet square. In the room, slumped over a chest were the remains of a female human, a rogue of some sort. Based on her wounds and the remains of shatter potion bottles, she had triggered most of the traps, and expired just as she had unlocked the chest.

After some indecision, the party moved the corpse off the chest and opened it, causing a maw of flames to pour out of it and engulf the room in flame as a flame strike went off, a trap incorporated into the chest!

Seeing as nothing else happened, they began to rummage through the chest. Mounds of coins and a few brilliant gems glistened from within, but as they begain to remove them, a faint click was heard, and a rumble reverberated through the room, followed by the groan of gears. The traps were resetting themselves!

Quickly snatching up the chest of coins, the party dashed back towards the entrance, ducking blades and pendulums; unfortunatly, Phoeris skidded to avoid a trap and crashed through the floor down a concealed pit! Fortunatly, he wasn't too injured, and with some maneuvering, the party managed to help him out.


Descending further into the ruins, the party was blindsided by a massive umber hulk, but with a singular blow, Bogdan obliterated it in a shower of gore.

 Beyond it's nest, a small door revealed a huge cavern, full of kobolds ready to do battle. The party readied themselves, but to their surprise they held back, as evident as a rather large kobold strode forward. Easily a head higher than the rest of the kobolds around, and with odd coloration, he introduced himself as Content Not Found: Blackgnarl It seemed that he and his clan had been pushed out from the grasslands by orc tribes expanding outward, and had retaliated against the town as retribution for the slaughter of their 'diplomats'. Reaching a temporary truce, the party returned to the town, and set up a meeting between Blackgnarl and the leader of the town.

Much arguing was beheld, but it seemed that an agreement was met in the end. The party left, mission accomplished, but not before Blackgnarl gave the party a small item, a Sending Stone, in order to contact them when he wanted to call in his favor they had promised to him. 


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