Inevitable Evil

Out From the Nest...

Though the day was warm and the sun bright, it did not pierce the cool stone of Boen's chambers. The four bright students stood before the older dwarf, wondering what was the cause of their summons.

"Ah, I see you are here…or well, most of you," rumbled the dwarf, noting one of the number present, before his brows raised, as if remembering something. "Ah, that's right, your paladin comrade had another matter to attend to, no matter."

He stroked his beard a moment before continuing. "You are the most senior members of this Academy, and I dare say, little is left to teach you. As such, I must cast you out into the world as birds out of their nest. I have a task for you, a 'final' as it were," he said with a throaty chuckle. "A friend of mine is in need of a hand," he said, pulling out worn scroll, noticably burn and with spots of what looks like blood. "Midna is head of the town guard up north, in the small town of Thislebrair. Normally she wouldn't ask," he said, muttering something about a mule under his breath, "unless she truely needed a hand. As such, I charge you with this. Go to the town and aid her in the defense of the town, and you shall be students no more, but journeymen of your own right! Now," he said, pulling out a worn map, "here's where we are, and here's where…"

Our adventurers learn more from the Headmaster, including that the creatures assaulting the town are Kobolds, attacking in unusual strength and tactics. The also seem to have some sort of seige weapon, although more than that is unknown.

 Deciding it would be best to provision themselves and set out at first light, the comrades take to bed. Early in the morning, they decided to take the beaten path towards Thornbrair, perhaps 3 days north by east by trail, a day or so less as the crow flies. They pass several travellers and the occasional merchant as the day wears on, but other than the constant plodding of their feet on the ground, nothing particarly eventful happens. They rest, and refreshed, set back out.

Midway through the day, the party is taken by surpise by a manticore, hiding in a crude nest near the path. It sprayed the party for several moments with it's razor sharp spikes, but vicious attacks from the druid's companion, the eldrich blast from the warlock, and the warforged's mind blade drove it from it's nest. It swooped about the path, nimbly diving in and attacking the party, inflicting grievious wounds. A particuarly vicious strike from the party sent it fleeing with one parting shot, but to no avail. A well placed shot slew the beast and sent it careening into the marsh, off in the distance.

 Spending some time to recover, the party pressed on,before resting for the evening. Deciding it was no longer safe to camp near the path, the druid found a decent patch of earth off in the swamp. Unfortunatly, it was near the den of several crazed derro's, who assaulted the sleeping party during the night. Thankfully, the warforged's near-constant vigilance prevented the party from being surprised, and managed to react quickly enough to drive them off. Warily returning to their bedrolls, the rest of the night passed peacefully.

Back on the path at the crack of dawn, they approach the Thornbrair at late afternoon, but the smell of burnt wood and pillars of smoke emanating from the town mark it long before their arrival. Passing through the gates, evidence of assault and fire are evident. Scorch marks, burned thatching and buildings, and a scorched hole through the side of the wooden palisade surrounding the town clearly mark a rough victory for the townsfolk. Pointed towards the barracks by a passing guard, they refresh themselves before Midna shows up. Gruff and to the point, she tasks the party with defending the wall immediately. Not having much time to get answers, the rush into position on the wall.

 After a few moments of preparation, from the trees and shadows kobolds begin to pour towards the hole in the wall! A low whistling streaks overhead as well, and from their vantage point the party can see a brilliant burst of flame from somewhere in the town, and  shouts of panic as people rush to extinguish the flame.

 Waiting till they draw near, the party stays their hand till they drawn near, and begin to devestate them left and right. Wisening up, more kobold crossbowmen show up and launch from the woods, but proves ineffective between the spells and creatures the party devestates them with. Several more skilled archers remain in the woods, out of sight, content to pick off several of the town guardsmen who clash with the kobolds that make it close enough.

Once the battle is clearly a lost cause, the remaining kobolds turn tail and leave, perhaps to lick their wounds for another time. The only thing for certain is the party has succesfully defended the wall…for now…



Out of Character Info:

Everyone gain 1,275 XP for the game session.


LycanthropianDM LycanthropianDM

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