Barley Hopps

Nature loving Druid.


Barley is 3 foot 5 inches and weighs a solid 42 pounds. He has long brown hair with dark brown eyes. He is very tan for his race and believes it to be a good thing for trying to blend into the background of a forest. Stats: Str:10 Dex:14 Con:12 Int:14 Wis:19 Cha:10 Saves: 6/4/9 Weapons: Breathe Weapon, any throwing or ranged weapon, spells, and his faithful animal companion RV. RV is a Fleshraker that Barley befriended recently while out exploring a close forest.


Raised to honor and worship nature and all that it gives. Barley soon took up the art of druidic ways. While he doesnt like the confines of large cities, Barley did meet his wife Jillian while in a large city listening on a sermon about Pelor.

Barley has always respected the might that dragons have and has recently took up the art of the dragon shamans. Through the knowledge he has acquired as a Druid, Barley truely believes that the draconic ideals of the dragon shaman will help him to become more intuned with nature and his ultimate goal of being a strong voice for the voiceless (animals all over the world).

Jillian and her unconditional compassion for all that is good has helped Barley in many decisions he has had to make since they met. She is his light when all seems dark. She has kept him from entering a dark place where he would likely never return. For that he will do anything for her.

Barley has bad feelings toward any creature or humanoid that doesnt respect the laws of nature. Cutting down forest or burning forest is a huge sin in his eyes. Killing for sport is unheard of and any caught doing this in turn will be hunted down themselves.

Barley Hopps

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