Gonnal "Grimm" Reth' Immondil

A secretive and sneaky fountain of eldritch power.


At a little over 5 feet tall and only 95 pounds Grimm seems frail and sickly. Added to his gaunt figure are sunken bloodshot eyes and ashen, pale skin. He always seem withdrawn and distant except when making snide and pessimistic comment about something someone has said. He has a beguiling charm and wit when needed and can seem to talk his way into or out of any situation. His eyes tend to give away an intelligent mind constantly working out plans and contingency plans for any occasion which leads him to be slow to react as he tries to figure out the best “plan of attack” to use within the given situation.


Born to a family with a dark past, Grimm was raised with the knowledge that he would one day possess dark and strange powers. These powers came from deep within a soul tainted by demonic power of a lost era. His ancestors having traded away part of their souls and the souls of their descendants for evil magics to try and subjugate the world. The small cult never got anywhere with it but their ill gotten gains have affected generations of their offspring.

He has spent his life in pursuit of a way to free his family from this curse. He has traveled far to eventually spend some time at the Vancian Academy where he believed that Boen and his staff may hold the key to achieve the levels of power to finally release everyone from the waking nightmare they now live.

Gonnal "Grimm" Reth' Immondil

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