Jillian Hopps

The Gentle Healer


Born small and fragile (even for a halfling) Jillian had a difficult childhood and spent most of it under the careful supervision of her mother. One day Jillian ventured out alone into the forest around her home alone and came face to face with a monstrous creature. She thought she would surely die…however a stranger put himself between them and killed it. She exclaimed her thanks for the stranger’s kindness, but he told her “Don’t thank me, thank Pelor”.

From that day forth, Jillian decided to dedicate her life to Pelor, helping the weak, the sick, and the helpless just as she had been helped by one of his followers. Her travels took her to His temple in a large city, where she began to serve him as a cleric. Finding she had been blessed with some skill, Jillian caught the eye of the Vancian academy and was enrolled.

On her way to service one day she met another halfling, Barley, who accompanied her to the sermon. Several months later they fell in love, and were happily married. She now accompanies him into the forests he knows so well making sure he and his animal companion don’t come to harm.

Jillian Hopps

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