A hardy paladin of Kord.


Lvl:8 = 8 Dragon Adept 5 paladin 1 barb 1 hellreaver Hp:96 Fort 18 AC:25 refl 11 Bab:8/3 Will 16 Ability Scores: Rage +8 str +8 con Str 24+7 Dex 14+2 Con 20+5 Int 10+0 Wis 14+2 Charisma 18+4 Melee +17/+12 {+21/+16 rage} +2 (Sacred burst)Greathammer 20×4 4d6+16 /rage 4d6+24 Ranged +10 Light Crossbow 2d6 Armor Masterwork Full Plate Mythral Feats Freebie divine Defiance Power Attack Two handed power strike Divine Justic Reckless Rage Special Invocations Breath Weapon 4d6 Magical Insight Lay on hands 32 See the Unseen Aura of Courage and good Draconic Flight Divine Grace Frightful Prescence Divine Health Smite Evil 2 day items Healing Belt Holy Symbol potion of bull str x3 potion of bears endurancex1 Belt of Con +2 Basic Gear


Bogdon Raised in the mountain range of tincorod by his mother Viirtathar and his father Degnin. Both parents were proud of there child Bogdon and began training him in the ways of being a true goliath.Bogdon also had a brother Venon.Though Bogdon was the youngest, he was the strongest of the two as well as prob the strongest in his clan.Bogdon grew to be 6foot tall at the age of 16 and continued growing through the hard training he was put through.One day him and a few of his clan went out in search of this new found cave. As they began to enter Bogdon lit up a torch.Continuing inward they smell rotten flesh and begin to leave.As the clan members began to turn away they heard a loud scream.Instantly the clan members began to run. Bogdon however seeing that the dragon was catching up to them quickly yelled for the clan members to run.Bogdon through himself in front of the dragon yelling at it."My name is Bogdon.My clan is the Terrican clan that live in these mountains.I will do what I Can to protect them.Even from you!With that Bogdon charged the dragon in a feaudel attempt to slay it.As the dragon swiped once and connected brutaly to Bogdons skulls the dragon paused before deciding whether or not to eat him.The dragon than whispered to Bogdon."Brave but foolish Bogdon of Terrican.You did save your friends however and I commend you for your bravery."The dragon than lifted Bogdon and sat him outside of the cave.The dragon than marked him on his back.Bogdon awoke to find himself in his home.As he awoke everyone had appeared to be outside.As Bogdon gathered his strength he ventured outside and his clan began to look at him in wierd ways. As if astonished that he survived.The clanmembers that ventured with him thanked him over and over again for his bravery.Venon in his jealous rage challenged Bogdon to a fight.Bogdon accepted. As everyone gathered around the tribal circle.Bogdon and Venon began to fight.Venon instantly ran to Bogdon in an attempt to bring him to the ground.Bogdon felt a rush from his body,he had never felt and suddenly the impact from his brother brought him back to reality as he stood his ground venon realized he was going nowhere with this.Venon than fell to a knee and Bogdon went to check on him.Venon than grabbed some dirt and threw it into bogdons eyes.Bogdon collapsed and Venon pinned him to win the match.Out of his rage bogdon found his brother venon and broke his arm in 4 places.His father witnessed it than decided it was time to exile Bogdon. So Bogdon walked.Bogdon was on his way to the next town not knowing which way to go nor what to do he began to pray to Khord."This should be interesting he," he said to himself has he set off to who knows where. Sometime there after, he stumbled upon a dwarven man walking through the forest.The dwarf taken back alittle by the sheer size of Bogdon decided to strike up a conversation with the Goliath."Aye!" shouted the dwarf."Who might you be big fella?"The Goliath looked down a moment and replied,"Im a clanless goliath dwarf I have nothing to offer or for you to try to take from me."The dwarf laughed,"Well Its not me you should be worried about.Listen, How about you come with me and Ill show you a place that will change your life forever?"The goliath began walking away.The dwarf yelled,"Are you a follower of Khord by chance.Bogdon turned and replied,"My name is Bogdon.Any follower of Khord is a friend of mine." Goals To be the mightest warrior Khord has ever seen. To teach others the ways of truth,loyalty,and bravery To learn as much as possible about half celestials so that he may become one one day To talk with a faerie at least once in his lifetime


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