5'2, 76lb., short pink hair, soft lavender eyes, and dark tanned skin.


sourcer/dragon shamen(silver) elf str:11 dex:16 con:14 int:16 wis:11 cha:18.


Layleanna was born to the house of Ithilior, a house of high elves who were more than content in being self contained and shutting themselves away from all other societies and races. In her house she never fit in always to curious in the dealing and working of the outside world for her family’s liking. They blamed it on her unconventional birth. ( I was still born and somehow 10 minutes after birth woke with screams) They also blamed this birth on her strange looks it was her death that gave her, her flowing pale pink hair and soft lavender eyes. However when she entered her hundred and fortieth year and her lust for fame and adventure didn’t wane they gave her the ultimate ultimatum, “Forget about the outside or be banished for life never to return to the house of Ithilior or to your family.” She left her home the next day, set out for adventure and glory. It didn’t take long to hear tales of a school for those like herself who sot to broaden there horizon, and took and even shorter time to decide that this was were she was going to go and would not take no for an answer as to admittance. So she cut her hair changed her name to Sliver, and made way to Vancian Academy. Whether it was her sheer will or they saw something special in her, she was admitted into the Academy and began her journey to glory. While at Vancian she found books pertaining to the theory’s of the origin of sorcerers and read that dragons blood a family line were the origin of sorcerers. This took off in her mind and made it a personal goal to find the dragon in the Ithilior line, and began her life as a silver dragon shaman. Layleanna left her family, her land, and her name behind to gain the world, and her freedom.

Personality: Layleanna seems a quite reserved type from a distance, but once in earshot her regal elven apperance is twarted by her lewd mouth and derogirory statements. She upholds what she beleives is good and right by her own accord and her own rules some that might not hold with conventional laws of society.


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