Inevitable Evil

Grim News 1
A madman's descent into chaos.

About time I write down some of my thoughts. Later on the may be used in some library as proof of my genius or some such sort. Things are going quite swimmingly actually. I have begun to develop a name for myself and have started to amass my following. I even have gotten a minion to set up my base of operations and everything. I have learned the mystical ways of the eldritch theurge. Yes everything is coming along nicely. However I have run across some annoyances as of late. Principle among these is Slvass Dijennuvutha. He has been quite the thorn in my side constantly assailing me and my associates, but he shall be dealt with soon enough. Also there is the problem with Marcus Hape and this cult that wants something to do with a giant snake or some sort of silly thing. They too shall be dealt with in a fitting manner. Also my traveling associates are making me wonder if they are more trouble then they are worth, all this goody two shoes stuff brings me no small headaches. Then there is the isle with the solars shackled by chains of vilest evil (note to self: make sure to figure out how they were created for future use) which makes one wonder what could possibly do such a thing and if they would stand in my way eventually or if they could be recruited. Lastly I have yet to find the way to rid me and my progeny of our dreaded curse. I do not like the feeling of servitude or the idea that my son or daughter might one day surpass my power.

off to a wild start

Entry 34: while heading into a tavern of a small town today i heard more tales of a group of fellow students makeing names for themselves in Five towns. I push it to the back of my mind. Good for them. Need to keep my mind on the mission at hand… Lokie found the target for me and we head out tomarrow. Entry 35: Okay I’m not one for violance but I hate being stiffed on my pay Ok so the goods came back alittle frosty but does he have any idea how hard that was to get back for him… Almost sent Lokie after him. Sat in the tavern again today, strager walked in talking about five towns. Seems my old classmates are really makeing a name. Lokie and I are growing tired of this place mayhap Five towns might not be suck a bad place to head to… Pay my old friends a visit. Just to see how they are fairing of course. Entry 39: Arived in Fivetowns today learned of the tavern they were staying had to wait till dinner to meet them so explored fivetowns. Dinner at the wicker goat… how I missed a good bed and a better dinner. Met two of them that night Grimm and Bogdon. Must rest Lokie is quite full after the stew from dinner. (Part2)Ok holy crap i dont know if i am willing to sign up for the bad shit there in. the tree of us had a shared dream fully clothed thank the goddess it seemed so real Bogdon hit Grimm with his hammer spouting some nonsence about being a demon. If a man cant hold his Ale he shouldnt drink i personally think, but back to the story at hand it happens he say in some shiny bubbles a sleeping demon( the same he mistaked Grimm for only moments before) and an angel of some sorts chained up and as the angel begain to speak the bubble disapeared and we awoke in out proper beds as we had left them( nude in my case). Entry:40 Met with the rest of the group this morning, Lokie and I decided to stick with them for a bit. Have a feeling after last nights little escapade i have little choice. On our outings we heard of a prison brake and went to invetiage. Bloody mess that was honestly blood and guts everywhere. Did what we could, or tried atleast. Honestly what are these people mixed up with in the short time i’ve been with them i’ve had mind altering dreams seen a dragon disolve a whole room, watched a beholder eat someone and treck through shit and kill a pleage spewer and a drowed a drowned in a puddle of crap.shakes head one hell of an inshiation. Hate to see what tomarrow brings. Lokie feels the same.

Bogdons Journal

Today,in the midst of finding where the cultist lie.We stumbled upon a celestial being. The ground around where it once was felt sacred however, all that remained was the creatures skeletal structure and chains,very evil chains.Its wingspan was enormous as well as the size of this creature.It was bigger than me even!Celestials have been a fascination of mine for quite sometime now.I’ve always heard storys of “angels” and holy creatures assisting us in this plane.I will have to further research upon this finding.I will be back to destory the chains that I have found here. Oh…had a nice slip today as well.Im surprised I didnt break anything but ehh I was built pretty tough.Thats all for now.Praise be to khord for as far as we have gotten.


After spending a moment to catch their breath, the party examined the two remaining doors in the room. Deciding to investigate the decorated door, they unlocked it and cautiously proceeded forward.

The stone corridor that lay on the other side was dimly lit by dangling scones every so often, enchanted in times past by a continual flame. Moving forward, the party noticed various traps and devices designed to keep out intruders had been triggered, from blades, spikes and pit traps, to various spell effects.

The cooridor spiraled counter-clockwise to some sort of center, more and more sprung traps evident as they hesitantly proceeded forward.

At the end of the inward-spiraled corridor lay a small room, perhaps ten feet square. In the room, slumped over a chest were the remains of a female human, a rogue of some sort. Based on her wounds and the remains of shatter potion bottles, she had triggered most of the traps, and expired just as she had unlocked the chest.

After some indecision, the party moved the corpse off the chest and opened it, causing a maw of flames to pour out of it and engulf the room in flame as a flame strike went off, a trap incorporated into the chest!

Seeing as nothing else happened, they began to rummage through the chest. Mounds of coins and a few brilliant gems glistened from within, but as they begain to remove them, a faint click was heard, and a rumble reverberated through the room, followed by the groan of gears. The traps were resetting themselves!

Quickly snatching up the chest of coins, the party dashed back towards the entrance, ducking blades and pendulums; unfortunatly, Phoeris skidded to avoid a trap and crashed through the floor down a concealed pit! Fortunatly, he wasn't too injured, and with some maneuvering, the party managed to help him out.


Descending further into the ruins, the party was blindsided by a massive umber hulk, but with a singular blow, Bogdan obliterated it in a shower of gore.

 Beyond it's nest, a small door revealed a huge cavern, full of kobolds ready to do battle. The party readied themselves, but to their surprise they held back, as evident as a rather large kobold strode forward. Easily a head higher than the rest of the kobolds around, and with odd coloration, he introduced himself as Content Not Found: Blackgnarl It seemed that he and his clan had been pushed out from the grasslands by orc tribes expanding outward, and had retaliated against the town as retribution for the slaughter of their 'diplomats'. Reaching a temporary truce, the party returned to the town, and set up a meeting between Blackgnarl and the leader of the town.

Much arguing was beheld, but it seemed that an agreement was met in the end. The party left, mission accomplished, but not before Blackgnarl gave the party a small item, a Sending Stone, in order to contact them when he wanted to call in his favor they had promised to him. 

Into the Depths...
Into the ruins we go...

The party awoke early to the sounds of something moving through the woods. Stealthily venturing forth, the party noticed a short figure with vivid blue hair travelling through the world, none other than another comrade from the Vancian Academy! Sent by Boern, she seemingly stumbled upon the party by more luck than skill.

 Gathering their things, the party readied themselves for the task at hand: venturing into the depths of the ruins…and the kobold's home turf. Re-opening the secret door they had discovered, they descended down the dank and dark tunnel. Coming out in a small alcove, the party paused a moment to look around. This hand-dug tunnel lead to an underground section of the ruins that had been incorporated. In the light provided by Phaeris's torch, they saw the beginnings of a stone corridor. Moving forward, the party cautiously advance (with their goliath companion Bogdon unfortuantly doing his best to squeeze in his girth behind them). The magical light illuminates a 40 foot or so corridor, leading to a set of heavy wooden doors. Perhaps a dozen feet up is a slight recess in the side of the coridor.

 The party ventures up to the recess in the wall and carefully examines what they find. An ancient door is sealed shut before them. Intricate and wild arcane symbols are carved all over the door, but most of them have been blasted out of existance. The few that remain, as far as the party can recognize, is some form of a Wall of Force that has been incorporated into the stone door; the rest had been marred into a state of either non-functionality or unreadablility by blasts of magic or damange to the door. Carved into the stone around the door were symbols of some draconic language, and an unmistakeable skull and crossbones. After a good deal of arguing and deciding it was beyond their capabilities to try and see what lied behind the door, the party moved on down the corridor. Kicking the doors open, the party stumbled into a large room.

The room, a quick glance, was an ancient mess hall of some sort, and sitting at these ancient tables…were a mess of kobolds! Momentarily stunned at the party's sudden entrance, they snatched up their weapons in favor of their meal and rushed at the party. Fortunatly, the party was quick to react, and rushed forward, dispatching the surprised kobolds quite swiftly. Picking over the room revealed little else, and the party moved on through the set of doors on the other end of the room.

Opening the door revealed a partially collapsed stone corridor, stone and earth blocking it at both ends. On the opposite wall two doors were easily visible. The closer one was a massive iron-bound wood door, easily large enough for four people to walk in abreast, still in relatively good shape. Next to it was a much smaller door, of very different make. Gnome symbols for fire were inscribed into the door, and it was made out of a preciesly forged piece of metal.

The party argued for some time which door to go in, and after some suggestions by Grimm, they tested the metal door. After a few tries with nimble fingers, the latch was unlocked. A small bit of stale air wafted out, carrying an acrid smell with it. Venturing in, it looked to be an old lab of some sort. Various powders and tools, from another time were left in place, although none usable. Poking around, they discovered several barrels of what appeared to be Alchemists Fire, sealed in barrels and still usable. The warforged Phaeris noticed another small box on a bench and examined it. Inside it contained some dried bunches of Pyrolichen , a useful spell component.

Retracing their steps, the party, with a good bit of muscling, forced open the massive pair of doors, revealing a large chamber; a dull orange glow emanating from within. Venturing cautiously in, they discovered a rather large chamber, filled with wreckage of all sorts. Some sort of fight had occured here, but long ago. Remnants of what appeared to be carts and seige weapons were scattered about. Dominating the center of the room was some sort of device, gleaming with fire in it's clear belly. Crude but sturdy repairs had been made to it, and it was servicable. Clearly, this was the weapon that had been used to attack the town.

As the party examined the device, several of the party were fascinated with the flames, held in place but with no clear container. Staring at the swirling flames, they began to make out features, such as gaps in the flame that resembled eyes and a mouth. Realization dawned upon them; this was no ordinary or alchemical fire, this was an elemental! Someone had harnessed the beast to the machine, drawing upon it to power the weapon.

Not quite sure as to it's function, the party thoroughly dismantled and destroyed, ensuring it would take the kobolds a good deal of time to restore it to functionality, if ever. Investigating the rest of the room, they also found how the kobolds were able to get the weapon to and from the ruins. A rickety and questionable lift seemed to function, and was not too far from Thornbrair.

Searching the room, the party discovered a hastily concealed tunnel entrance, leading further down into the ruins.

Descending down the tunnel, it quickly turned back to dirt a distance, before it emerged in another part of the underground ruin, a small stone corridor. Cautiously peering out, they observed a small alcove recessed into the wall, and the tunnel turning a sharp 90 degree turn a few feet after that.

Peering into the alcove revealed a statue, holding a ceremonial sword in a well-crafted scabbard. Cautiously Grimm approached, thinking the sword had some value other than a weapon. Watching for traps and other devices as he approached, it was to no avail. As he approached the statue, it leapt forward, smashing into him. Seeing starts and not too much worse for the wear, he snatched the sword and quickly retreated to the cooridor.

Rounding the corner showed the cooridor extended at least a hundred feet or so, with a series of doors on either side. Exploring the series of doors revealed a number of traps, either on the doors or in the rooms. The various rooms were either collapsed or empty, but several useful items were discovered as the pressed on.

Moving down the sloping pathway, it wove down further into the ruins. Turning a sharp corner, the party saw a set of double doors, one fallen down and dilapidated from age. Through the threshold they noticed some sort of stone pillar perhaps ten feet from that, and a large room beyond. Moving forward, they failed to notice a hair-thin trip wire strung out across the corridor, an with a snap, it zipped into the wall!

A groan of stone on stone resounded in the chamber, and a small boulder dropped into the stone corridor! Quickly picking up momentum, it rumbed down the slope, hot on their heels. Dashing forward, they narrowly avoiding being crushed, leaping to the side as it crashed into the pillar just beyond the doorway. Catching their breath, the party did a double take. Lazily stretched out on a carpet in front of an elaborate stone door lay a sphinx. Looking at the party through half lidded eyes, she glanced them over before resuming her apparent nap.

A quick glance around the room revealed two more doors, a rickety wooden door to the left, and an overly elaborate door on the right, inlaid with gold foil and with intricate carvings, and the one in the center with the sphinx. A muttered spell in the party revealed that while she had no spells or chams up, the carpet and something underneath it emanated powerful magics.

Only when they tried to move past her did she pay attention to them.

"yawn...Ah, I wouldn't do that, if I were you," she lazily drolled. "I'm not supposed to let anyone in."

Grimm spoke up. "Well dear Sphinx, is there anyway we could gain entrance?"

The Sphinx seemed to think a moment, half-lidded eyes glancing over the party. "...well, I do suppose that it has been a long time since…well since." She smiled amusedly. "But I require some amusement. It is…traditional for us to test those who wish passage past us. Answer a few of my questions and I'll let you by."

In time honored tradition, she asked the party some fairly classic riddles (classic to sphinxes, that is), and with a groan moved a short way to let them by.

Moving up to the door, it took the effort of several party members to shove the heavy stone door open, revealing merely a 10×10 foot recess into the wall.

Puzzled, they ventured forth, and with a small pop, vanished, only to reappear in a seperate room. Save for a stone pillar and a stone bench, the room was barren. Upon inspection however, there were two containers on the table, with a shimmering translucent on between them. In a shallow basin, there was water. It seemed a simple test, to fill up the translucent one using odd-sized jugs.

After some trial and error, they managed to fill up the magical jug, and a small rumbling emanated from the stone pillar, revealing what appeared to be an old scroll. Examination revealed it to be an old map of what appeared to be Siendart. Grimm inspected it with detect magic, and was stricken blind before he could even examine it. Clearly it contained powerful magics.

Returning the way they had came, they reappeared in the same chamber, but the sphinx was gone, and the stone door appeared to be a smooth wall.

The party slumped down for a few moments, resting from their run ins.




 Party has found a magical map of powerful origin.


Quiet fell upon the walls as the few surviving kobolds retreated in the aftermath of the battle. Their assault on the walls breach was foiled, and the party was left to collect themselves and aid the surviving guards in helping the injured, and collecting the fallen. Collecting the kobold corpses to dispose of, the party found a few items of use. After around an hour, they retired to the offered bunks in the barracks, exhausted.

 Awakened early (and rudely) by Midna, she fed the party a soldier's breakfast while she explained the party's next task.

"There's an old ranger off in the woods, Rorand, bit of a recluse," she said, while eating with the party. "Normally 'e keeps to 'imself, but with these kobolds pushing farther and faster into the woods, he's been keeping an eye on their movements. We don't know where the buggers dissapear too; they cover their damn tracks too well. Ror," she said through a mouthful of bread, "has them roughly figured down. I'll give you a pointer to where he lives, and he'll lead you'all to the general area. Don't piss him off too much though," she said, almost as an afterthought. "I've never seen the git coming."

 After the quick breakfast, the party set out just as the dawn was breaking, following the crude map they had been given to the ranger's whereabouts.

As they neared to where they had been told, a massive oak, hundreds of years old, reared into view, easily dwarfing other surrounding trees. As they moved closer, the party noticed a pair of glimmering eyes in between the leaves and branches. Peering closer, they noticed a rather large leopard lazily observing them, followed by a tap on the warforged's shoulder. Turning around, a bemused, older human looking at them, none other than Rorand.  

After some startled introductions, he and the leopard, (evidently his animal companion) led them near the ruins of an ancient keep, overgrown and little more than foundations. Rorand said that all the kobold tracks seemed to dissapear around here, and with his keen eyes, his guess was that they had fashioned some hidden entrance around here. After a sleepy warning to keep an eye out for 'forest critters, vegetation, and bad luck,' he dissapeared back into the brush.

The party, taking his warning to heart, cautiously circling the ruins hesitantly. Grim informed the party that from what little he was able to scrounge from the town's 'library', that this was an ancient keep, built and run primarily by gnomes. It served primarily as a outpost, and was abandoned by whatever kingdom it served to save gold.

Deciding to play it safe, Grim rendered himself invisible and scouted ahead of the party as they cautiously advanced. Nearing the remains of a tower, they noticed a viney bush suddenly animate and seemingly grapple the air, as vegetation all around it began writhing and grasping at anything around it. Quickly determining that Grim had stumbled upon an assassin vine, the paladin rushed through the entangling underbrush and quickly squashed it flat, saving the beguiler in the nick of time. After some comments about venturing off by himself, the party continued to search the ruins…

 ...but only seconds later were ambushed by a pair of shambling mounds rushing from their hidden, motionless position. Getting some good hits in their attempt to eat their prey, the party made quick work of them, rendering the shambling mounds into salad mounds.

Taking some time to recover, they ventured to the last area of the ruins, a fallen tower spire, covered in a mound of vegetation. Moving closer, the goliath was surprised as the vegetation reached out and wrapped itself around him, rearing up to form the hideous shape of a tendriculous, and tore into him with terrifying teeth the size of longswords.

Grimly slashing into it, the party with some skill (and not a little luck) eviscerated the plant until it moved it's last. Exhausted, they party searched over the spire, and discovered a concealed door as Barley bumped a stone brick. A section of stone swung away to reveal a tunnel leading underground. Deciding to rest before venturing into the dark underground, they retreated a ways, and settled down for the night.

 What remains to be seen is unknown, the but our brave adventurers will find out tommorow…



Experience Gained: 2725

Out From the Nest...

Though the day was warm and the sun bright, it did not pierce the cool stone of Boen's chambers. The four bright students stood before the older dwarf, wondering what was the cause of their summons.

"Ah, I see you are here…or well, most of you," rumbled the dwarf, noting one of the number present, before his brows raised, as if remembering something. "Ah, that's right, your paladin comrade had another matter to attend to, no matter."

He stroked his beard a moment before continuing. "You are the most senior members of this Academy, and I dare say, little is left to teach you. As such, I must cast you out into the world as birds out of their nest. I have a task for you, a 'final' as it were," he said with a throaty chuckle. "A friend of mine is in need of a hand," he said, pulling out worn scroll, noticably burn and with spots of what looks like blood. "Midna is head of the town guard up north, in the small town of Thislebrair. Normally she wouldn't ask," he said, muttering something about a mule under his breath, "unless she truely needed a hand. As such, I charge you with this. Go to the town and aid her in the defense of the town, and you shall be students no more, but journeymen of your own right! Now," he said, pulling out a worn map, "here's where we are, and here's where…"

Our adventurers learn more from the Headmaster, including that the creatures assaulting the town are Kobolds, attacking in unusual strength and tactics. The also seem to have some sort of seige weapon, although more than that is unknown.

 Deciding it would be best to provision themselves and set out at first light, the comrades take to bed. Early in the morning, they decided to take the beaten path towards Thornbrair, perhaps 3 days north by east by trail, a day or so less as the crow flies. They pass several travellers and the occasional merchant as the day wears on, but other than the constant plodding of their feet on the ground, nothing particarly eventful happens. They rest, and refreshed, set back out.

Midway through the day, the party is taken by surpise by a manticore, hiding in a crude nest near the path. It sprayed the party for several moments with it's razor sharp spikes, but vicious attacks from the druid's companion, the eldrich blast from the warlock, and the warforged's mind blade drove it from it's nest. It swooped about the path, nimbly diving in and attacking the party, inflicting grievious wounds. A particuarly vicious strike from the party sent it fleeing with one parting shot, but to no avail. A well placed shot slew the beast and sent it careening into the marsh, off in the distance.

 Spending some time to recover, the party pressed on,before resting for the evening. Deciding it was no longer safe to camp near the path, the druid found a decent patch of earth off in the swamp. Unfortunatly, it was near the den of several crazed derro's, who assaulted the sleeping party during the night. Thankfully, the warforged's near-constant vigilance prevented the party from being surprised, and managed to react quickly enough to drive them off. Warily returning to their bedrolls, the rest of the night passed peacefully.

Back on the path at the crack of dawn, they approach the Thornbrair at late afternoon, but the smell of burnt wood and pillars of smoke emanating from the town mark it long before their arrival. Passing through the gates, evidence of assault and fire are evident. Scorch marks, burned thatching and buildings, and a scorched hole through the side of the wooden palisade surrounding the town clearly mark a rough victory for the townsfolk. Pointed towards the barracks by a passing guard, they refresh themselves before Midna shows up. Gruff and to the point, she tasks the party with defending the wall immediately. Not having much time to get answers, the rush into position on the wall.

 After a few moments of preparation, from the trees and shadows kobolds begin to pour towards the hole in the wall! A low whistling streaks overhead as well, and from their vantage point the party can see a brilliant burst of flame from somewhere in the town, and  shouts of panic as people rush to extinguish the flame.

 Waiting till they draw near, the party stays their hand till they drawn near, and begin to devestate them left and right. Wisening up, more kobold crossbowmen show up and launch from the woods, but proves ineffective between the spells and creatures the party devestates them with. Several more skilled archers remain in the woods, out of sight, content to pick off several of the town guardsmen who clash with the kobolds that make it close enough.

Once the battle is clearly a lost cause, the remaining kobolds turn tail and leave, perhaps to lick their wounds for another time. The only thing for certain is the party has succesfully defended the wall…for now…



Out of Character Info:

Everyone gain 1,275 XP for the game session.

The Beginning...



Our adventure beings with our humble adventurers, members at the prestigious Vancian Academy. Though not widely known and fairly new, it is quite connected and elite; the new school of thought in terms of magical and martial techniques. Rather than teaching and specializing in a narrow focus, the Academy strives to round out the individuals to compensate for the inherent weakness of different classes.

 Our group has originally decided to postpone their adventuring career in order to study at the Academy, and are senior members of the Academy, nearing the end of their training, and have been called for an audience with Boen Scrimgour, the head of the Academy


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