In an effort to draw you, the player, in more deeply to the scenery and breadth of the campain, I have established Benefits, or "Bennies".

These will be awarded at DM discression, and can take the form of experience, bonus feats, classes, items, etc., or be saved by the player to be redeemed in some form to be agreed upon, both amenable and fair, by the DM and the player.

In short, the more effort put into roleplaying, backstory, and updating the campaign journal, your character sheet, etc., the more it benefits you. If you feel like being lazy, then no harm. You just don't benefit from this opportunity.


Current Benny count:

Barley: 0

Grimm: 0

Jillian: 0

Bogdon: 0

Phaerus: 0


(Everyone recieved a bonus feat on 6/13/10)


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