Character Creation


Character Creation

Starting characters

ECL 4. 36 point buy or 4d6 high, rerolling 1's, player's decision. HP is roll or half, whichever is better.


Standard wealth, no more than ½ of total wealth on any single item, non-evil alignment is suggested, but not mandatory. Chaotic Evil is not allowed.

Allowed Books:

Core, Completes, Draconomicon, Fiend Folio, Fendish Codex I & II, Heroes of Horror, Libris Mortis, Magic Item Compendium, Monster Manual 1, 3-5, Player's Handbook II, Complete and Expanded Psionics, Spell Compendium, Tome of Battle, Elder Evils, and Races.

This is a gestalt game. Besides your main class, you have the optoin to choose from one and only one of the following classes below to gestalt in. 

Gestalt Classes

Beguiler, Binder, Soulknife, Dragon Shaman, Dragonfire Adept, Marshal, Spellthief, Totemist


Character Creation

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