The Symbol of Siendart 

 Ah, Siendart, the land of the unknown. A small continent to the far west of the Great Isles, it is a virtual gold mine for those brave enough and with their wits about them to find artifacts from those come before. Great ruins and unknown treasures litter the landscape, despite the great number of established cities and vast population, albiet mostly on the coast. Virtually people of all kinds can be found here, some travellers from beyond the Dunsul Sea, others native to the great land.

Siendart possesses a vast change in climate, ranging from frigid northlands to blazing deserts, and from lush forests to murky swamps. Many races abide here, the common ones such as humans and halfings, to the odd, such as warforged, undead, and even the odd demon or celestial.

Siendart has no overarching heirarchy. People band together to form cities for a purpose or saftey, and 'rulers' of lands do so only by consent or might.


This will serve as a both a refresher and a log of where players have been. Information will be added as PC's visit places, and things such as weapons, armor or items will change over time.

Salch Lands                 Mith Taure                Neleglhug

Asca Marsh                  Dur Marsh                  Cirost

Fae Sea of Lo               Sea of Lome               Anca Sea             Del Sea

Taldol                           Helegnan                         Forodhim

Galadmar                     Tincorod Range               Aearlith

Morarda                        Edhel Taure                     Dunsul Sea


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