Town Message Board

Here are current quests/side quests, and other tasks available to you, the PC's, as you move from town to town.


This message board is littered with old ads and scraps of parchement, and much of the notices are out of date. However, a few do strike your fancy as you finger your light coin purse.

 1. Several farmers are being plagued by giant beasts tearing up their farmland, and have chipped in together to offer 3000 gold to anyone who can rid them of these creatures and save their crops.

2. An alchemist is advertising to hire those willing to venture into the swamps for rare components. He is offering 100 gold pieces per component.

3. Merchants are looking for capable people to help investigate destroyed and missing wares that have vanished from their locked and guarded warehouses. They are offering 6000 gold to find out who or what is behind this, plus 10% of any returned wares.

Town Message Board

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