Inevitable Evil

Grim News 1

A madman's descent into chaos.

About time I write down some of my thoughts. Later on the may be used in some library as proof of my genius or some such sort. Things are going quite swimmingly actually. I have begun to develop a name for myself and have started to amass my following. I even have gotten a minion to set up my base of operations and everything. I have learned the mystical ways of the eldritch theurge. Yes everything is coming along nicely. However I have run across some annoyances as of late. Principle among these is Slvass Dijennuvutha. He has been quite the thorn in my side constantly assailing me and my associates, but he shall be dealt with soon enough. Also there is the problem with Marcus Hape and this cult that wants something to do with a giant snake or some sort of silly thing. They too shall be dealt with in a fitting manner. Also my traveling associates are making me wonder if they are more trouble then they are worth, all this goody two shoes stuff brings me no small headaches. Then there is the isle with the solars shackled by chains of vilest evil (note to self: make sure to figure out how they were created for future use) which makes one wonder what could possibly do such a thing and if they would stand in my way eventually or if they could be recruited. Lastly I have yet to find the way to rid me and my progeny of our dreaded curse. I do not like the feeling of servitude or the idea that my son or daughter might one day surpass my power.


LycanthropianDM Liderc

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