Inevitable Evil

off to a wild start

Entry 34: while heading into a tavern of a small town today i heard more tales of a group of fellow students makeing names for themselves in Five towns. I push it to the back of my mind. Good for them. Need to keep my mind on the mission at hand… Lokie found the target for me and we head out tomarrow. Entry 35: Okay I’m not one for violance but I hate being stiffed on my pay Ok so the goods came back alittle frosty but does he have any idea how hard that was to get back for him… Almost sent Lokie after him. Sat in the tavern again today, strager walked in talking about five towns. Seems my old classmates are really makeing a name. Lokie and I are growing tired of this place mayhap Five towns might not be suck a bad place to head to… Pay my old friends a visit. Just to see how they are fairing of course. Entry 39: Arived in Fivetowns today learned of the tavern they were staying had to wait till dinner to meet them so explored fivetowns. Dinner at the wicker goat… how I missed a good bed and a better dinner. Met two of them that night Grimm and Bogdon. Must rest Lokie is quite full after the stew from dinner. (Part2)Ok holy crap i dont know if i am willing to sign up for the bad shit there in. the tree of us had a shared dream fully clothed thank the goddess it seemed so real Bogdon hit Grimm with his hammer spouting some nonsence about being a demon. If a man cant hold his Ale he shouldnt drink i personally think, but back to the story at hand it happens he say in some shiny bubbles a sleeping demon( the same he mistaked Grimm for only moments before) and an angel of some sorts chained up and as the angel begain to speak the bubble disapeared and we awoke in out proper beds as we had left them( nude in my case). Entry:40 Met with the rest of the group this morning, Lokie and I decided to stick with them for a bit. Have a feeling after last nights little escapade i have little choice. On our outings we heard of a prison brake and went to invetiage. Bloody mess that was honestly blood and guts everywhere. Did what we could, or tried atleast. Honestly what are these people mixed up with in the short time i’ve been with them i’ve had mind altering dreams seen a dragon disolve a whole room, watched a beholder eat someone and treck through shit and kill a pleage spewer and a drowed a drowned in a puddle of crap.shakes head one hell of an inshiation. Hate to see what tomarrow brings. Lokie feels the same.


LycanthropianDM layleanna

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